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The Alpine X-A70F X-Series amplifier set the industry benchmark with an all-new. And advanced digital architecture to achieve true high-definition sound. With unprecedented purity, accuracy and power efficiency. Their sleek and stylish compact design incorporates an innovative aluminium heat sink. With a bespoke air-flow system which keeps the amplifier cool and maintains performance. At its peak for incredibly high level power output and no-shut down operation. The Alpine X-A70F X-Series amps are designed for Hi-Res Audio playback by featuring an extended frequency range from 10Hz ~ 60kHz in the full range amplifiers.

Furthermore, X-Series have unmatched staying power with a high damping factor for unparalleled control coupled with virtually zero distortion. This ensures extremely accurate low frequency output for bass at its best and the highest sound quality. The
X-Series amplifiers allow your music to stay faithful to the original recording with realism that puts you in the center of the performance.


What is Hi-Res Audio?

You can now appreciate a higher sampling rate than in CD’s for the encoding and playback of music.  It brings your favourite tracks to life with extreme clarity. Alpine’s painstaking engineering has delivered faithful audio reproduction from high resolution sound sources and recordings at 96kHz/24Bit or greater, they are optimised for high definition playback and breathtaking performance.

Why Hi-Res Audio?

Listening to Hi Resolution Audio allows you to feel every emotion and hear every nuance; every detail of your favourite artist’s original studio performance is reproduced to perfection. Hi-Res Audio provides absolutely no distortion for the ultimate listening experience.

Extended Dynamic Range for Hi-Resolution Audio

The X-Series full-range amplifiers are Hi-Res Audio certified and engineered to operate in an extended dynamic frequency range. With their super high-definition digital processing and 106dB s/n ratio these amps deliver pure audiophile sound quality. When the X-A70F Hi-Res Audio certified full-range amplifier is teamed with the X-Series X-A90M digital mono amplifier and X-Series Hi-Res Audio certified ultra-high-end speakers you can experience sound like never before, with a superlative dynamic range and unparalleled definition. X-Series lets you experience pure high-resolution sound as the music artist intended.



Alpine X-A70F Amplifier


4 / 3 / 2 Channel Amplifier

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