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This is an industrial monitor suitable for large vehicles to allow the easy viewing of multiple cameras simultaneously.
Quad image monitors allow up to 4 camera images to be displayed together or alone as a single image.The CH-STQ/MON10 has a customised interface which detects the number of cameras connected and automatically displays these together so if 2 cameras are connected it will be a side-by-side split and 4 cameras will be in a 2×2 quad view. It also has a special setup to display 3 same sized images when 3 cameras are connected to keep all the same size. Many quad monitors only show the third camera in an elongated pane making it hard to see clearly.

This monitor is well suited to trucks where 2 side camera and a rear camera are required such as road works vehicles.
Also very goof on agricultural equipment where the operator needs to see towed implements while still looking ahead.
Four 4 pin connections supply power to up to 4 cameras with 4 triggers to automatically bring up any individual camera image as full screen.

Heavy duty, post style bracket included.
10.1” LCD, 4 Pin input x 4, 12/24V DC suits trucks and machinery, PAL or NTSC compatible.

Chipatronic 10″ Quad Mon


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