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Looking for an affordable way to add bluetooth hands-free and music streaming to you car via your iPhone or an Android phone? Then check out Kenwood’s incredible DDX4018BT, boasting the very latest HFP 1.6 8kHz bluetooth technology for clearer phone calls, along with the ability to support dual phone hands-free. When connected to an iPhone you can even control Siri via bluetooth. Meanwhile, the GUI is simplified through use of a rotary dial volume control that supports the 6.5-inch colour touch screen.

The rear connections include three pairs of 4VRMS RCA preouts to connect to external amplifiers, or you can use the gutsy 22-watts x 4 internal power amplifier to drive your speakers directly. You also get two sets of reverse camera inputs, steering wheel control interface port, and a USB port that provides 1.5A of charge at 5V to recharge your devices.

Yet it is the signal processing that sets this unit apart, with an excellent crossover providing high and low pass filters to send the precise frequency bands to the appropriate speakers for perfect sound. You can even opt for either 2-way or 3-way crossover filtering offering even greater control, and when combined with the 13-band parametric EQ and 6-channel time correction the sound tailoring is almost limitless.

Kenwood 6.5″ Media Receiver


6.2 Wide VGA LCD Touch Screen

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