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The Oyster Vision satellite systems have been in Australia for almost 2 decades and have a proven track record for performance and reliability.  German design and construction, backed with a three year warranty for peace of mind, you can be assured of many years of trouble free operation.

A satellite TV system that will auto track the Australian TV satellite/s and provide you with access to free to air or Pay TV programs (Foxtel and Austar require subscription) no matter where you are.  Keep in the loop with the press of a button.  Auto search, auto skew (automatic adjustment of the amplifer on the front of the dish) and 12 volt operation.

The 85 cm antenna dish of the Oyster® system provides TV and radio programmes throughout Australia. Wide reception range combined with fully digital satellite aiming ensure the reception of your favourite programmes in remote locations such as the far north western Kimberley region.

Also, the system is very tolerant against adverse reception conditions in poor weather. This is due to the large size of the antenna dishes, which significantly influences number and reception quality of programmes.

In addition to popular features as found in the Oyster Digital, such as its high-performance 85cm dish, premium twin LNB, powerful Valeo motors and state of the art German design and engineering, the Oyster Vision 5 will introduce the following:


Totally Redesigned Skew

A fully encased powerful motor moves the LNB via worm drive for fast and accurate adjustment. This smart design makes it possible for LNB changes to be made in just five minutes.  Note that LNB skew refers to the positioning (rotation) of the LNB on the front of the dish.  This position is dependent on your location and changes as you travel north/south/east or west.


Supreme German Quality

Fully digital control box with remote. The only system with feedback directly on your TV.
Satellite TV has never been this comfortable. Produced using space age materials for low weight with rigidness to cope with the harsh Australian environment.

Oyster Vision Automatic Satellite System


Guaranteed T.V reception no matter where you are.

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