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The Pioneer DEQ-S1000A universal sound processor, is all that you need to upgrade the sound quality of your factory vehicle stereo and speakers or an upgraded speaker/amp combination.

The DEQ-S1000A incorporates a 4x50w internal amplifier (used if connecting directly to speakers). 3 x Hi-Volt RCA Pre-Outs (for external amplifiers). Partnered with Pioneer’s high performance 48-bit dual-core DSP for high quality sound reproduction. An internal clock and pattern are optimally tuned, so sound degradation from jitter noise is thoroughly eliminated.
When used with Pioneer’s Sound Tune app, all settings, from the simplest, to the most advanced, can all be done intuitively and easily from your smartphone’s touchscreen.
Download the Source Calibration Test signal here




Partnered with your compatible iPhone and the Pioneer DEQ-s100A “Sound Tune” app. You can take full control of your listening experience with a huge amount of customized audio controls.



Partnered with your compatible smartphone and the Pioneer DEQ-S1000A “Sound Tune” app. You can take full control of your listening experience with a huge amount of customized audio controls.

Depending on the smartphone (Android), the unit may not be operated with an AOA connection. In this case, use an OTG connection. The OTG connection requires a third-party USB cable (both USB Type-A Male to Type-A Male Cable and USB OTG Host Cable).

Powered car subwoofers are one of the best types of car woofers on the market.

They already have a pre-amplifier inside and can output a decent bass that can sometimes rival much more expensive dedicated bass systems.

Best, you do not have to worry about additional purchases like a dedicated amplifier. Moreover, a powered subwoofer is an ideal choice for owners of small cars that have a small boot.

Additionally, beginners who have never installed their own car audio system before will love setting up a powered woofer. ( We always reccomend having the unit professionally fitted and tuned )

It has a number of audio outputs that is very easy to connect and fun to play with.


Pioneer DEQ-S1000A


  • Universal Sound Processor
  • 4 x 50w output
  • 6ch High-Volt RCA Pre-Outs
  • Smartphone app (Pioneer – Sound Tune)
  • 48bit Dual-Core DSP


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