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Don’t miss a thing in reverse

The best in reverse camera accessories for your vehicle comes in the shape of the Pioneer RCAMAVIC. Compatible with any of our AVIC units with a rear camera input, this high-quality, reversing camera is designed to provide enhanced views and tools to aid in parking


Keep safe on the roads with the Pioneer


The Pioneer RCAMAVIC has been designed for compatible mulit media receivers supporting selectable parking line guides. Measuring only 30mm x 23.6mm x 33.6mm the RCAMAVIC is a compact reverse camera and is also IP67 certified so is perfect for all weather situations.

The Pioneer RCAMAVIC also supports a 1/4″ Color CMOS sensor and Wide angle view (D: 170°/ H: 120° / V: 100°).


Why should you get a reversing camera?


Accidents caused by reversing are happening more than they should be. Not only can they cause an expensive repair bill for your vehicle, sometimes, they have tragic consequences.


In Australia, up to 20% of all accidents happen during reversing. It’s horrifying to think that each week, one child is run over while in their driveway.


A lot of these accidents could have been prevented. Driver alertness will always be the best way to avoid accidents. But reverse camera installations have been effective in decreasing the number of reversing accidents.


How Do Reversing Cameras Work?


Reversing Cameras consist of two parts. They are:

  • A monitor in the cabin of the vehicle
  • A rear-facing camera


When you put your car into reverse gear, it automatically activates the reversing system. This lets the driver see what is behind their vehicle before they start reversing.


There are many different kinds of cameras and monitors available. They cover every type of vehicle, and there is a reversing camera system to suit every budget.

Key Features

  • Reverse Camera
  • No Parking Lines
  • Perfect partner for AVHZ models
  • Surface mount with bracket



Pioneer Compact Reverse Camera

• 1/4″ Color CMOS sensor
• Compact Design
• IP67 Certified
• Wide Angle Lens
• No Parking Lines displayed

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